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Name Specialization Province Private commissions?
Marie-Lou Beauchamp Photographs and Paper ON
Kathleen (Kathy) Bond Objects / objets ON
Carole Breckler Metal / métal QC
Barry Briggs Paintings, Fine Arts Collections / peintures, collections des beaux-art ON
Mireille Brulotte Bois / Wood QC
Margot Brunn Mixed Collections / collections mixtes AB
Lauren Buttle Paper / papier BC
Kelly Caldwell Archaeological Materials / objects archéologique United States
Jennifer Cheney Paintings / peintures ON
Elizabeth Cloutier Pierres et dérivés / stones and derivatives QC
Aude Connord Sculpture QC
Charlie Costain Analysis, Environment / analyse, environnement ON
Wendy Crawford Paintings ON
Laszlo Cser Paintings / peintures ON
Lynn Curry Books / livres ON
Colleen Day Objects, Archaeological Objects / objets, objets archéologiques BC
Wendy de Feydeau Paintings, Paper / peintures, papier Switzerland
Rachel Dessaints Textiles QC
Doris Detlefsen-St-Jacques Paper / papier ON
A. Jane Dosman Paper / papier ON
Alison Douglas Painting / peintures ON
Heather Dumka Ethnographic Objects / objets ethnographiques AB
Shirley Ellis Textiles AB
Aliaksei Fedarenka Stone and Derivatives ON
Élisabeth Forest Paintings / peintures QC
Paula E. French Objects, Archaeological Objects, Archival Materials / objets, objects archéologiques, documents d'archives NL
Alexander Gabov Sculpture ON
Laurence Gagné Sculptures QC
Ann Marlène Gagnon Peintures / Paintings QC
Michelle Gallinger Paintings / peintures NS
Majid Ghazian Metals ON
Fiona Graham Preventive Conservation / conservation préventive ON
Anita Henry Paintings / peintures QC
Gregory Hill Photographs, Archival Materials / photographies, documents d'archives ON
Gregory Howarth Paintings / peintures United Kingdom
Lisa Isley Books / livres AB
Elizabeth Jablonski Paintings / peintures NS
Monika Jankowiak Objects / objets ON
Greg Kelley Furniture / meubles ON
Emy Kim Objects / objets ON
Diana Komejan Mixed Collections / collections mixtes ON
Wojciech Kulikowski Paintings, Polychrome Sculpture, Outdoor Bronzes / peintures, sculpture polychrome, sculptures en bronze en plein air ON
Cyndie Lack Paintings / peintures BC
Simon Lambert Preventive Conservation / conservation préventive ON
Julia Landry Archival Materials / documents d'archives NS
Anne Lapointe Paintings, Murals, Architectural Finishes / Peintures, Murales, Finis architecturaux, QC
Myriam Lavoie Sculpture QC
Kasey Lee Preventive Conservation and Conservation Management BC
Miki Lee Preventive Conservation / conservation préventive NL
Patrick Legris Paintings / peintures ON
Carmen Li Preventive Conservation, Objects / conservation préventive, objets AB
Chloé Lucas Photographs / Photographies ON
Anne MacKay Sculpture QC
Anne Maheux Fine Art on Paper / oeuvres d'art sur papier ON
John McElhone Photographs / photographies ON
Wanda McWilliams Paper, Archival Materials / papier, documents d'archives ON
Esther Méthé Textiles NS
Bethany Jo Mikelait Paintings / Peintures ON
Donald Murchison Paintings, Sculpture / peintures, sculpture AB
Michael O'Malley Paintings, Peintures QC
Isabelle Paradis Sculpture QC
Janice Passafiume Paper, Paintings / papier, peintures ON
Rebecca Pavitt Paper / papier BC
Marie-Chantale Poisson Paintings, Sculptures / peintures, sculptures QC
Stephanie Porto Paper / papier ON
Katherine Potapova Paper / papier AB
Melissa Potter Paper / papier ON
Barbara A. Ramsay Paintings, Murals, Wall Paintings / peintures, peintures murales United States
Jacqueline Riddle Objects ON
Sophie Roberge Paintings / peintures QC
Jennifer Robertson Paper, Books / papier, livres ON
Terry Rutherford Books / livres BC
Joseph Sembrat Sculpture, Industrial Artifacts / sculpture, artefacts industriels ON
Ann Shaftel Thangkas NS
John Slavin Paper / papier ON
Heidi Sobol Paintings / peintures ON
Catherine Stewart Paintings / peintures ON
Dee Stubbs-Lee Objects / objets NB
Kyla Ubbink Paper, Archival Material / papier, documents d'archives ON
Veronique Belon Veronique Belon Slougui Archival Materials / Documents d’archives ON
Christophe Vischi Photographs / photographies ON
Robert Waller Mineralogical Collections / collections minéralogiques ON
Sue Warren Industrial Technology / technologie industrielle QC
Marianne Webb Lacquer, Polychrome Sculpture, Objects / lacquer, sculpture polychrome, objects BC