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Katherine Potapova

Katherine was accredited in 2020 as a paper conservator. She is a graduate of the Master of Art Conservation program at Queen’s University. Since graduating, she has worked mainly at the Royal Alberta Museum and the Provincial Archives of Alberta. She does condition assessments and conservation treatments on archival documents and other paper-based items. Katherine’s services are offered in English. Katherine accepts private commissions only through the fee-for-service program at the Provincial Archives of Alberta Store and Client Services.

Provincial Archives of Alberta Store and Client Services
Edmonton, AB
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Watercolour, Fine Art Print, Drawing, Artwork, Engraving, Chalk, Charcoal, Aquatint, Gouache, Ink, Etching, Intaglio Print, Inuit Print, Linocut, Lithograph, Mezzotint, Monoprint, Pastel, Pencil Crayon, Portrait, Portrait miniatures, Print, Sketch, Serigraph, Silkscreen, Stone Cut, Wood Block, Woodcut, Document, Boxes, Card, Cardboard, Certificate, Correspondence, Deed, Diploma, Letter, Envelope, Fans, Map, Parchment, Poster, Scrapbook, Stamp, Stencil, Vellum, Ephemera, Pamphlet, Unbound Documents, Wallcovering, Wallpaper, Photographs, Album, Preventive Conservation, Conservation Standards, Education And Training, Communication