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Joining CAPC

Benefits of Membership

  • CAPC is recognized as an accrediting organization by Canada's National Occupational Classification. Accreditation status is recognized by the Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC) and Federal and Provincial Agencies.
  • CAPC accreditation is an asset and sometimes a requirement for institutional positions and for bidding on large-scale government tenders, especially by the Government of Quebec (Act R-20).
  • Access to the CAPC online directory, a source for new clients seeking conservators working in the private sector.
  • Museums, archives and related institutions are more likely to refer potential clients to accredited conservators.
  • CAPC accreditation assures clients that high standards of practice are maintained within the profession and helps to protect cultural property from unqualified interventions.
  • Accreditation raises the profile and credibility of the profession and fosters a deeper commitment to the development of conservation in Canada.
  • Accreditation gives conservators with diverse forms of training a recognized professional standing and a sense of pride and achievement gained from peer recognition of one’s professional abilities.
  • CAPC Membership dues are tax deductible.