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Award of Distinction

With the most senior members of the Canadian conservation profession retiring, the Board recognized that CAPC is at risk of losing much of its knowledge of our organizational history. In order to salute our most dedicated longstanding members and preserve their legacy, we are announcing the creation of an Award of Distinction, given annually to a deserving individual and accompanied by an interview which will be published on our website.

Call for Nominations: The Canadian Association of Professional Conservators Award of Distinction

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominations are accepted from CAPC members in good standing.
  • To be eligible, nominees should be members of CAPC (or have been members if retired from CAPC).
  • To nominate a conservation professional for the CAPC Award of Distinction, a letter describing the contributions to and impact on the Canadian conservation profession should be submitted to the CAPC board.
  • The letter should highlight the nominee’s outstanding and sustained dedication to the field and to CAPC in a manner consistent with the highest standards of the profession
  • The nomination letter should be supported by at least two CAPC members, the nominator being one of them.
  • The nomination letters can be submitted to the CAPC board by email at the address: The deadline for receipt of nomination letters is March 31.

Selection of Recipients

  • Nomination letters will be reviewed and voted upon by the CAPC board. The final decision rests with the CAPC board.
  • In the event no nominations that meet the criteria are put forward, the board may select a candidate, or opt to not grant the award for that year.
  • The recipients will be notified in early May of their award, and asked to participate in an interview highlighting their achievements.

If you have any questions or comments about this program, please contact the CAPC Special Projects Director at

Past Recipients

2019: Ian Hodkinson

2020: Mary-Lou Florian

2022: Barbara A. Ramsay

2023: Dr. Miriam Clavir