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Lisa Isley

Accredited in 2015, conservator, specialization in books. Experience in bound materials of all periods as fine binder and conservator. Paper Conservator for Glenbow. Professional Associate member of American Institute for Conservation in Book and Paper. Services include preventive and interventive conservation, reproductions, assessments, surveys, lectures, workshops, preservation planning. Has a background in finance and project management experience. Clients include museums, archives, and libraries, private and corporate collections. Services provided in English and French. Private commissions accepted.

Calgary, AB
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Paper, Works of Art on Paper, Archival Document, Non-western Art on Paper, Fine Art Print, Watercolour, Drawing, Artwork, Engraving, Chalk, Charcoal, Aquatint, Gouache, Ink, Etching, Intaglio Print, Inuit Print, Linocut, Lithograph, Mezzotint, Monoprint, Tusche, Papier Mache, Pastel, Pencil, Pencil Crayon, Portrait, Portrait miniatures, Print, Sketch, Serigraph, Silkscreen, Stone Cut, Wood Block, Woodcut, Document, Boxes, Card, Cardboard, Certificate, Correspondence, Deed, Diary, Diploma, Envelope, Family Bible, Fans, Indenture, Letter, Map, Novel, Packaging, Parchment, Philately/Philatelic Collection, Poster, Scrapbook, Stamp, Stencil, Vellum, Ephemera, Pamphlet, Unbound Documents, Photographs, Album, Books, Binding, Non-western Bindings, Codex, Manuscript, Incunabula, Preventive Conservation, Facility Assessments, Risk Assessment, Storage Reorganization, Climate Control, Lighting, Facility Planning, Program Development, Storage Planning, Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Sustainability, Environment, Conservation Standards