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Mentorship Program

CAPC's Mentorship Program aims to connect conservators that are seeking to work as accredited professionals in Canada with current CAPC members who can offer advice and other resources that will help them grow in professionalism and guide them through the application process.

Definition of a Mentee

Someone seeking advice and guidance from an accredited professional conservator working in Canada, with the specific intention of applying for membership in the association. Emerging professionals with at least 4 years of experience in the field (including training and practice) may apply. Mentees are encouraged to apply for the program well before they meet the requirements for membership to CAPC so that they may be actively working towards this goal. Those with less than 4 years of experience are encouraged to participate in CAC’s Mentorship Program.

Mentorship Activities

Specific activities help provide structure to the mentorship and a focus for interaction between the mentor and mentee. Activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Discussions in conservation theory, practice, and ethics
  • Professional development planning
  • Portfolio review
  • Preparation for application submission and Board of Examination (BOE) interview

Timeline and Meetings

The timeline should ensure that every mentee has a sufficient amount of time working with their mentor in order to be able to confidently submit an application for membership, or to meet specific professional development goals. Recommended timeline is one year, but mentoring relationships can last for as long as the pair wishes, continuing informally even after original goals are met.

Meetings can include in-person visits, phone calls, web chats, or email exchanges depending on the geographical location of the pair and the nature and goals of the partnership. The frequency of meetings is agreed upon when the mentorship is formed.

Application Process

Mentees are invited to apply by emailing a completed application form available for download below to, with “Mentee Application” in the subject line. Application submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applicants will be matched by the Mentorship Committee and notified through email.

CAPC Mentorship Program - Mentee Application