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Originating Community Consultation Grant

As part of our commitment to support the decolonization of the conservation field, CAPC is providing grants for consultations with originating communities. We have established a $1000 biennial Originating Communities Consultation Grant that will assist CAPC members in compensating representatives of originating communities for their participation in consultations. Such consultations may be undertaken to share information about items in collections and/or to guide care practices and/or to work towards repatriation. We encourage a broad definition of originating community. We encourage asking the guiding question of: Whose voices should be heard? Consultations may be undertaken with any cultural group or anyone identifying themselves as a community based on any social construct.

The applicant should be a member of CAPC or an organization employing a CAPC member. The CAPC member should be on the consultation team, whether or not they are responsible for organizing the consultation. CAPC members in private practice are eligible. In any given year, if no CAPC member applies, the grant will made available to the broader conservation community. For more information, please visit Originating Community Consultation Grant.

Emerging Conservator Grant

The CAPC is supporting emerging conservators by offering a grant to assist with advanced studies and professional development.

The applicant must be a current student or have graduated within the past three years from a recognized conservation program and be a Canadian resident. Grants will be awarded for conservation-related activities such as research, specialized certification, workshops, lectures and conference attendance. For more information, please visit Emerging Conservator Grant.

Programming Grant

The CAPC is supporting conservation programming in Canada by offering a grant to assist with meeting the expenses of providing advanced training opportunities for conservators. These include lectures, workshops and collective projects dealing with any aspect of conservation practice.

The applicant must be a member of CAPC and should be responsible for organizing and programming the event. Applications must be focused on advanced level training for experienced conservators, but students can participate in the activity as well. Programs must be planned and promoted to a large group of conservators. This entails advertising regionally and nationally where viable. For more information, please visit Programming Grant.