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Mary-Lou Florian

Mary Lou Florian

Photo courtesy of Kasey Lee

For 2020, the Board choice for the Award of Distinction is Mary-Lou Florian. Mary-Lou is a conservation scientist who serves as a Research Associate and Emerita Conservation Scientist at the Royal British Columbia Museum where she was formerly Chief of Conservation Services. A pioneer in conservation science and a CAPC member since the 1970’s, she has spent her career bringing professional conservation practice to archaeology and museums (particularly natural history museums) and in passing her vast knowledge on to the rest of us through presentations and publications. She is the author of Fungal Facts: Solving Fungal Problems in Heritage Collections, Heritage Eaters: Insects and Fungi in Heritage Collections, Protein Facts: Fibrous Proteins in Cultural and Natural History Artifacts, and The Conservation of Artifacts Made from Plant Materials. Mary-Lou’s service to conservation has been recognized with numerous honours including an honorary doctorate from the University of Victoria and the Governor General’s 125th Anniversary of Confederation of Canada Medal in 1992. It is high time that CAPC thanks her for her immense contributions to conservation in Canada and globally.

Starting next year, CAPC members will have the opportunity to nominate someone for the Award of Distinction. Guidelines and a call for nominations will sent out early in 2021.