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In May 2022 you received the CAPC Newsletter from our interim President, Heidi Sobol, who ended her official term as interim President in May. I would like to thank Heidi for all of the work she did over the last year, and for the work she still contributes towards the board as past-president. Heidi is presently assisting the board with audit procedures and working on a form outlining the duties of executive board positions. The latter is being done to help smooth the transition between outgoing and incoming directors.

Vincent Dion, a newly-accredited CAPC member has volunteered to help with French translation of official communications. This is most welcome, and it will help significantly in lowering CAPC’s annual operating expenses.


2022 Award of Distinction Prize

Barbara Ramsay (CAPC 1985) was awarded the CAPC 2022 Award of Distinction. Barbara’s nominators (Charlie Costain and Rob Waller) have prepared a press release which will soon appear on our website and social media sites. Barbara has been an inspiration to many conservators over the decades. In fact, Barbara convinced me on the importance of professional accreditation. Without her encouragement and guidance, I would quite likely not have applied for CAPC accreditation as early as I did.

Melissa Allen, one of CAPC’s Emerging Conservator Grant recipients, interviewed Barbara Ramsay this summer. A feature article on the interview will appear on the CAPC website soon. The article covers Barbara’s career trajectory from the very beginning of her university studies to her position as Chief Conservator at The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Florida. The article is very well written, and Barbara remains an inspiration to younger conservators to this very day!

New Members

We are delighted to welcome the following new members to CAPC.

• Sonia Kata (Textiles)

• Vincent Dion (Paper)

• Tiffany Eng-Moore (Books, Library & Archival Materials)

Ian Hodkinson, Officer of the Order of Canada

Ian Hodkinson former professor of paintings conservation, Queen’s University has been appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada "for his pioneering and extensive contributions to the preservation and conservation of Canada’s cultural heritage". We congratulate Ian on this prestigious appointment.

Joint CAC – CAPC Initiatives

Compensation Survey Working Group

An RFP (Request for Proposal) was approved by both boards and sent to two companies early in September. After selecting the best company, the survey is expected to be finalized in the spring and distributed in time for the next CAC and CAPC AGMs in May 2023.

Conservation Hiring Resource

Our Liaison Directors (Jacqueline Riddle and Chloé Lucas) will be reaching out to national and provincial heritage organizations asking them to post the resource on their hiring and resources pages. After receiving the results from the Compensation Survey next year, the goal is to include information on compensation in the Hiring Resource. For those who have not yet looked into the information on this joint initiative, I invite you to look at the links found on the CAC website.

Codes of Ethics Revisions

These are presently on hold waiting for recommendations from the Reconciliation Working Group, which is scheduled to have their recommendations complete in the Spring of 2024.

CAPC collaboration with CAC’s Emerging Conservators Committee (ECC)

This initiative is very much at the early stages. CAPC’s goal would be to offer the information and skills required for emerging conservators to be successful with their eventual CAPC accreditation applications. The most recent joint board discussions have suggested the use of virtual sessions as a means to reach the greatest number of emerging conservators. More on this will be shared once a working group has been formed.

Anita Henry

President, CAPC