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CAPC at Art Toronto 2023

CAPC attended the 2023 edition of Art Toronto, Canada's largest Art Fair, to bring awareness to the work of conservators and the importance of professional standards in the field. We shared a booth with our accredited colleagues of the Canadian Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). The ISA, like CAPC, provides professional status on a voluntary basis for its members and advocates for high standards of practice. The professions are connected but distinct and this was an excellent opportunity for professional networking and idea exchange.

Between October 26 and 29, seven CAPC members volunteered at the booth to meet exhibitors and some of the 20,000 visitors at the fair. Visitors included members of the public, a range of professionals working in the arts, artists, collectors and students. Exhibitors included 110 galleries from across the country and beyond, cultural institutions and organizations, publishers and corporate sponsors. This was the first time the field of conservation was represented at the fair and the event was highly successful:

"It was a great day, and I mean GREAT, in so many ways. To be paired up with the ISA-CC was an ideal fit for us, and for CAPC to attend this event is long overdue. A fantastic initiative to get this ball rolling for CAPC. I gained a lot from this day; especially the contact with the appraisers was a real plus for me. I was most impressed with all of the members I met and we had some extremely informative exchanges of information over the course of the day."

- Member Jennifer Cheney

We want to thank our 15 members who contributed to the cost of renting the booth, as well as our new Supporters, whose financial support allowed us to offset the cost of printing new promotional material and professionally outfitting the space during the fair.

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