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John O'Neill

Accredited in 1989, conservator, specialization in paper. Master of Art Conservation degree, Queen's University, 1979. Formerly Director and Associate Professor, Queen’s University Art Conservation Program, now retired.

Toronto, ON
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Paper, Works of Art on Paper, Archival Document, Fine Art Print, Watercolour, Drawing, Engraving, Chalk, Charcoal, Aquatint, Gouache, Ink, Etching, Intaglio Print, Inuit Print, Linocut, Lithograph, Mezzotint, Monoprint, Tusche, Pastel, Pencil, Portrait, Print, Sketch, Serigraph, Silkscreen, Stone Cut, Wood Block, Woodcut, Document, Certificate, Diploma, Letter, Map, Parchment, Philately/Philatelic Collection, Poster, Scrapbook, Stencil, Vellum, Ephemera, Pamphlet, Unbound Documents