How do I join CAPC?

The CAPC accreditation process is straightforward.  It involves:

Step 1: Sending in an application package consisting of

  • A completed Application Form (your CV may contain much of the information required);
  • A portfolio containing at least five projects that represent the area (or areas) for which  you are seeking accreditation (see examples of specialization in conservation and conservation science)
  • Three letters of reference;
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship, landed immigrant status or working principally in Canada; 
  • Transcripts from conservation training institutions (if applicable);
  • A non-refundable Application fee of $50 for each accreditation specialty

Step 2: Your submitted Portfolio will be peer-reviewed

  • All documents pertaining to an application are treated as confidential.

Step 3: An interview will be scheduled to discuss portfolio and practice

  • The Board of Examiners that is selected for your Portfolio review and interview must meet with your approval.
  • Examination interviews may be scheduled during the annual CAC conference held in the Spring.
  • CAPC regulations contain more detailed information about the accreditation process and qualifications for membership.

Step 4: Registration Fees and Membership Renewal

  • The Registration fee for new members is $100.  This amount also covers the annual membership fee for the first year.
  • Thereafter, the annual CAPC membership renewal fee is currently $85.


Please send your complete application package to the CAPC Membership Chair.