Aims and Objectives


1. To provide professional membership to qualified Canadian conservation


2. To maintain high standards of competence, integrity, and ethics within the membership, as outlined in the Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice of the Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property and of the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators.


3. To foster high standards within the conservation profession.


4. To establish, maintain, and publicize standards of professional and technical certification in conservation.


5. To provide certification of the achievement of a required level of qualification within the areas of specialization in the field of conservation, as outlined in the Rules and Regulations Governing Membership.


6. To maintain and distribute a directory of accredited members.


7. To advise, assist, and otherwise participate in the development and application of training in conservation to meet established standards.


8. To promote, endorse, and encourage professional development in conservation.


9. To develop and publish information aimed at raising conservation standards.


10. To actively promote professional standards in heritage preservation in the public and private sectors.